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Is it exceptional? Is it extraordinary?

If you’re not here to make the world a better place and leave something lasting, why not? This was the thought that hit me recently whilst on holidays. I was sitting in a boat on a canal in England with … Continue reading

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Deadline kills Creativity!

In shocking news just to hand, it appears that creativity has been killed in a senseless attack by another deadline. This is the latest casualty in a long line of deadline related incidences. Claims that it was premeditated are yet … Continue reading

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How to stop a 4000km/h vac-train with an elephant and a rubber band

Some time ago, when I started talking about blowing things up, I made an off the cuff remark about “…  if you want to bring down a flying city with exploding pigs, or stop a 4000km/h (mph … whatever) vac-train with an … Continue reading

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Write like you own it!

I had something to say. Oh, yes. Write like you own it. I have been reading, mostly flash and short fiction, recently in an attempt to catch up on what is going on and get back to reading (fiction). I … Continue reading

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Just write it!

Recently, I realised that I was about a third of the way into the first draft of my first serious attempt at a novel. As one could imagine I wasn’t happy with it. There is some great stuff there, but stylistically … Continue reading

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Composting Snowflakes and the 8-point arc

Not sure where I saw the term, but I like it. And so it is, that I have been composting the ideas, the twists and turns, how things work, and don’t. I have been playing with various strategies for structuring … Continue reading

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