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A Question of Scale

What do I even mean by that? I am coming at that question from two perspectives. As a science fiction writer, one often needs to build worlds, political systems, industries and infrastructure … usually so that we have something to pull … Continue reading

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Phase One Complete – Bring on 2015!

I claim to write science facts to science fiction and beyond. I have been, for some time now, more focused on the facts than the fiction. This remains the case – this year I have published or submitted around 10 … Continue reading

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Is it exceptional? Is it extraordinary?

If you’re not here to make the world a better place and leave something lasting, why not? This was the thought that hit me recently whilst on holidays. I was sitting in a boat on a canal in England with … Continue reading

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Deadline kills Creativity!

In shocking news just to hand, it appears that creativity has been killed in a senseless attack by another deadline. This is the latest casualty in a long line of deadline related incidences. Claims that it was premeditated are yet … Continue reading

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How to stop a 4000km/h vac-train with an elephant and a rubber band

Some time ago, when I started talking about blowing things up, I made an off the cuff remark about “…  if you want to bring down a flying city with exploding pigs, or stop a 4000km/h (mph … whatever) vac-train with an … Continue reading

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Write like you own it!

I had something to say. Oh, yes. Write like you own it. I have been reading, mostly flash and short fiction, recently in an attempt to catch up on what is going on and get back to reading (fiction). I … Continue reading

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Waffling on a Wednesday

Alt. Contradiction is the spice of life. As promised, this is the home and playground of Harry Tuttle, part enigma, part machine, mostly confused and trapped in modern life. If anyone has ever read more than one post then it … Continue reading

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