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Too much Science in your Fiction: A distraction waiting to happen

I was recently reading a book – a debut science fiction novel released a few years ago. The title and author shall remain nameless for the purposes here, as they are not of importance.  What I am curious about is … Continue reading

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Phase One Complete – Bring on 2015!

I claim to write science facts to science fiction and beyond. I have been, for some time now, more focused on the facts than the fiction. This remains the case – this year I have published or submitted around 10 … Continue reading

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From Science to Science Fiction

In my ongoing struggle to balance my day job as a scientist and my passion for science fiction it occurred to me that I could reconcile this by simply stating that:  I write science – from fact to fiction.  As … Continue reading

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Short and Flashy

Time is against me. Ok, it’s against all of us. I blame society … I’ve been trying to catch up on reading/living this year and have revisited or been reading some classic scifi. Which is good. But someone pulled me … Continue reading

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Just write it!

Recently, I realised that I was about a third of the way into the first draft of my first serious attempt at a novel. As one could imagine I wasn’t happy with it. There is some great stuff there, but stylistically … Continue reading

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Book V Film: It’s Not A Fight

 I typically don’t read things and then watch the film, or vice versa. I have always deliberately avoided reading Do Androids Dream of Sheep,  as once I had watched Blade Runner first, I did not want to know what was … Continue reading

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The Future’s All White

I recently started using Pinterest as a way of finding images for inspiration while writing. I have a lot of clear ideas about the sort of city, the sort of people that live there and how my protagonists look like, … Continue reading

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