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Geneva, Switzerland

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I post, comment and engage frequently on science, science fiction, writing and occasionally politics. I spend more time here than  I should.

twitter harry tuttleInformation resource, making contact with other writers, readers and geeks, and procrastinating when I should be writing. No promises on what I tweet. Those are the rules …


This is a bit of a playground for gathering pictures for writing inspiration. Mostly Sci-fi – people, cities, things/etc.

pinterestI was enjoying discovering a new world of interesting people here, but my enthusiasm waned. Tell me I should return more frequently.


Seriously, I’m not sure what I’m doing here yet. oh, that’s right, I was just securing the name.

facebookYeah, well … I keep this around, but I don’t really know why. To be honest, I post there automatically from here, … but I should do more … Look out!