Harry Tuttle
Geneva, Switzerland

Email: If you really want to contact me: HarryTuttleMCD@gmail.com

Cyberspace: If you want to find out what else I’m up to when I’m not here, you can find me in various corners of cyberspace.

twitter harry tuttleInformation resource, making contact with other writers, readers and geeks, and procrastinating when I should be writing. No promises on what I tweet. Those are the rules …

pinterestThis is a bit of a playground for gathering pictures for writing inspiration. Mostly Sci-fi – people, cities, things/etc.

Ello, Harry TuttleI was enjoying discovering a new world of interesting people here, but my enthusiasm waned. Tell me I should return more frequently.


Seriously, I’m not sure what I’m doing here yet. oh, that’s right, I was just securing the name.

facebookYeah, well … I keep this around, but I don’t really know why. To be honest, I post there automatically from here, … but I should do more … Look out! Maybe.