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The Harry Tuttle | MCD: Mailing list

In an attempt to take myself too seriously, I decided to start developing a mailing list. Every author is told to do this and nearly every author starts it too late – or at least it would have been better if … Continue reading

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Just write it!

Recently, I realised that I was about a third of the way into the first draft of my first serious attempt at a novel. As one could imagine I wasn’t happy with it. There is some great stuff there, but stylistically … Continue reading

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The Future’s All White

I recently started using Pinterest as a way of finding images for inspiration while writing. I have a lot of clear ideas about the sort of city, the sort of people that live there and how my protagonists look like, … Continue reading

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Looking for Darkness

 I want to wander through a story thick and dripping with an almost claustrophobic atmosphere. I realised that, while my writing is going well at the moment – the story is opening up, the characters are developing –  one of … Continue reading

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5000 Words … and We’re Rolling!

I never thought that milestones would be so important. As I progress, it is not so much just the number of words that is exciting me, it is how I feel like I’m getting better with every page I write. … Continue reading

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A Thousand words down!

The title really says it all. The whole composting process went well over the holidays, but then it has taken a while to get the rhythm flowing now the real world is getting in the way. Today, after going backwards … Continue reading

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To end 2013

So it progresses. Slowly. It is amazing how much of my day is wasted on waiting to do things for other people. I have a fairly clear idea of three main characters and how it should come together, but all … Continue reading

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