Lost to the Ether

Lost to the ether. Or is it?  I started to write a small character intro story this morning. I have not felt like writing for a while, so that in itself felt really good. I then realised that it reminded me of a character I’d started working on for a story years ago. It was for an ensemble cast. I recalled developing several characters and even having written some scenes. I think that I’d left it to one side as it was maybe a little bit beyond my capabilities at the time.

Having only just recently been going through my back catalogue, I realised that I hadn’t seen this anywhere. I’m quite paranoid and meticulous about backing up and archiving everything, not just my writing. I’ve now gone back through everything I can think of and it is simply not there. It is not anywhere. What has happened!?

Well, on the plus side I’ve written nearly 1500 words and written down some of what I remember, which is actually quite a bit. I could cry over lost work but given the general difficulties in writing recently, I’m going to nonetheless take this as a win.

Is there anything else to take away from this? Probably not. As I said, I back up a lot. Perhaps this is more to do with my organisational skills being somewhat scattershot at times. Perhaps it was just one of those moments I decided to write on paper – old school. Perhaps I just thought about it a lot, which is why it is stuck in my head. Anyway, I’m writing.

*Image: By jordangrimmer