Who are you?

As the great philosopher Roger Daltrey once demanded – who are you? Simple enough question, but one that I continue to find myself grappling with. I’m old enough that I should know, I suppose, but … here we are.

2020 has certainly been a year to take stock and maybe even re-evaluate life; or at least that whole work-life balance thing that people tend to think is important. So, who am I? It says on my About page:

Harry was born in Australia in 1967, living in Sydney and Brisbane, before moving to Geneva Switzerland, where he has lived for nearly two decades. In that time, Harry has been a: mechanic; musician; semi-professional (Australian) footballer; furniture restorer; destroyer of houses, and once applied for a position as a sandwich artist.

That’s the amusing trimmed-down version for public consumption. What it doesn’t say is that I’ve been a writer, which is maybe a stupid omission that I’ll have to fix. I’ve been writing since primary school, mostly poems and short stories put together into books, either just on my own, or with some friends. Then it was song writing, and pretty much only that for the next 15 or so years. Then, writing science for the next 20-odd. Somewhere in that last stretch the desire to go back to fiction took a hold and this is where Harry was really born.

If you looked at this web site you would also think that I also died a few years ago. Somewhere here on this site I may have mentioned this is a pseudonym… So, while I didn’t die, my alter-ego did have me locked in the basement. I would now claim that Harry is once again free, however, his powers have not yet fully returned. Harry and his alter-ego are currently working through a truce settlement.

These things can be ugly, but at least we’re talking. Like everyone, I want 2020 to be over and 2021 to bring some relief. There’s only 2 months of 2020 left, but who knows how long that is going to take. In any case, I expect that I shall be writing more in 2021, and for that I’m optimistic.