Procrastination vs Productivity

No, this is not really a productivity post. More of a procrastination post. Let’s face it, most of them are. Sorry…. A little while ago I wrote a post on how I work and an important part of that was based around Evernote. While I’ve been stuck in my tiny human world, I’ve been oblivious to the perceived imminent downfall of said company/service. That changed yesterday when I was notified that they were changing the service. Again. I have been an Evernote user for over 4 years, but as soon as I finish backing everything up, I’m gone as well.

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First up, I use the free service, so it could be argued that I have nothing to complain about. Secondly, I’m going to complain. The complaint is obviously focused at Evernote, but it is applicable to an increasing number of companies in the digital age.

I signed up early to Evernote and over the years have become increasingly addicted to it. I have told everyone and anyone that would listen about how good it is. So, while it is a free service, and hence, I am the product, they have gotten a pretty good deal out of things. I also realise that they need to make money, which is apparently the problem at the moment. To do this they are decreasing the services available to the free accounts to make the paid accounts more enticing. I even understand this; times change and you need to change with it. Why I still claim the right to complain is that they could do this progressively and avoid losing any respect they might have earned.

It is too late for me and Evernote, possible too late for Evernote in any case, but for other companies, how about we rethink how you screw your early-take-up, stalwart, addicted customers. If you are going to change the rules along the way, can you not simply make those rules applicable to the customers signing up after they’ve changed? Both the old and the new customers get what you both agreed to! If you cannot survive on such a business model, I would suggest that no amount of fiddling around with your business model is going to change that.

I alluded to the fact that I would talk about procrastination somewhere in this post. I’m quite accomplished at procrastinating. I don’t need help but here I am wondering about how to organise everything in my life when I should be just getting on with it. I’m in the process of putting everything in MS OneNote, which I’m not entirely happy about either, but at least they give me a way of getting everything out of Evernote easily.

If and when I have the chance to procrastinate after getting all these files, I shall be trying to work out if OneNote is any good and what else I need to replace Evernote. Maybe I’ll need to change a little how I work. I have used Evernote both in my scientific/research-life and my scifi-writer-life. It has been great for bringing together research notes and ideas for both my lives and importantly across many devices; typically, in any given week, I will work on one of three PCs, two Macs as well as an iPad and iPhone. All played critical roles and Evernote handled that brilliantly. Until today.

If you have any tips on life after Evernote, don’t hesitate to share! I would love to hear how you’ve dealt with the transition and what you are using.

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