The Harry Tuttle | MCD: Mailing list

In an attempt to take myself too seriously, I decided to start developing a mailing list. Every author is told to do this and nearly every author starts it too late – or at least it would have been better if they’d started before. So, in an outrageous whim of ambitiousness, before I publish anything at all, you now have the chance to sign up and follow me on this crazy adventure.

I am just starting out and everything, from my writing, to how I want to publish, what sort of author/writer I want to be, is rapidly evolving. My goal is not to saturate you with a weekly newsletter telling you how great I am. The plan is primarily to email you when my stories are, or are about to be, published. As time goes on, there may be other noteworthy events, but let’s not get even further ahead of ourselves.

I look forward to hearing from you.

About Harry Tuttle

Harry Tuttle, part enigma, part machine, mostly confused and trapped in modern life. I think. I read. I write. Science Facts to Science Fiction and Beyond.
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