Change of Address – Long Live Harry Tuttle

Harry Tuttle, the Modern Cave Dweller.

Harry Tuttle MCDFor those that had noticed, or had been around here before, there have been a few things changing. In particular, on my journey to being an author it was brought to my attention that it might be useful if people could easily find me… Like all people, there seems to always be a namesake out there who is more famous. And so it is that I say ciao to the Modern Cave Dweller moniker for the web site. Well mostly. Given how popular my name is, obviously the domain name that goes with it is taken – although for sale at a ludicrous price. So by way of unique-afying my site, you must now all address me as

The Modern Cave Dweller idea is something that has been with me for some time so I quite like keeping it. It has always represented my struggle with (modern) life in cities, apartments, whatever, where we are always connected and not, and trying to make sense of all of that. Actually, now that I think about it, it is like having new qualifications. Instead of a PhD, I now have an MCD… which is clearly much better anyway because no one else does. Maybe I could sell qualifications if the writing doesn’t work out…

Why am I doing this now? This year I promised myself to just write, and write, and write, without thinking too much about how perfect everything is etc – definitely no editing! So far I have a few linked flash fiction stories, one short story done and another well on the way. If we go back to where it started, I am also a third of the way into a novel. So I could berate myself that I could be doing more, but given my busy life, I prefer to think that it is going along just swimmingly. Albeit, for the moment, behind closed doors.

Writing, being an author, is a slow process but it is the one that I have chosen to work on. So, hang around, enjoy if you can, and in the new year we should start to see the fruits of my labour start to ooze into the public domain.

Harry Tuttle, MCD