Waffling on a Wednesday

Alt. Contradiction is the spice of life.

As promised, this is the home and playground of Harry Tuttle, part enigma, part machine, mostly confused and trapped in modern life. If anyone has ever read more than one post then it should have become clear that I am mostly confused. Actually, in the real world, I like to feel like I’ve got a pretty good handle on things… but this is not the real world. At the moment, I have to apologise because the posts are coming, or not, like a drunk trying to hit the side of a barn with a shot gun from a thousand yards out (that makes sense to me – you know, like hits but mostly misses… If I have to explain everything this is going to take some time.). n.b. I used yards so the Americans among us don’t feel left out. No, I don’t have a problem with Americans I just never understood why you decided yards were that much better than cubits but a meter is the devil’s work?! OK, I know that’s not entirely your fault either. Anyway, whose idea was it to start picking on Americans? To be fair, I was only referring to the USA. Just to be clear.

ADHD, Writing, MCD

So it is that I realise that this blog, like so many before it, has run off, like a metaphor from a poorly educated person struggling to sound like they at least went to school for a few weeks, most notably around exam time, which was a pain because it was in summer and the waves at the beach were so good and what a shame to miss out on that for what? … oh, look, a squirrel!

So, here’s the deal – I write. Yes, that’s what I said. I never claimed it was good and certainly the attention to detail of whatever you’re reading on this blog is far from anything that I would stick a cover on and call a book. Anyhowssss – random punctuation – I am not here for your approval. If you have time to stop and comment, criticise or question, please do. I love criticism. Seriously. On the other hand if you’re just a troll I will kill you or at least block you. I’m a pretty good judge of character and rarely get the two confused, so don’t hesitate to engage … note to self, work on people skills. So that’s pretty much it. Oh, by the way I’m not looking for a relationship of any gender permutation and I generally say no to animals, especially domesticated ones. Good. Your turn.