The Future’s All White

I recently started using Pinterest as a way of finding images for inspiration while writing. I have a lot of clear ideas about the sort of city, the sort of people that live there and how my protagonists look like, but I am also always looking for detail. It is the detail that give life to a character or a city.

Firefly - Zoe. Scifi womenOne thing I am very conscious of is the predominance of white people in fiction. Obviously, growing up in  mostly white, European, environment, with English language literature, this is perhaps not so surprising. Nonetheless, the world, or at least the one that I live in, is not so white. Seriously, we’re a minority. In my writing, I see no reason to hang on to these imperialist notions that the future world is going to look like me.

With this in mind, I started strolling through Pinterest looking at scifi-themed subjects – cities and people predominantly. Several things were immediately obvious. The future is all white. Apart from a few popular exceptions – Mystique, from X-Men, is blue, probably taking things a little far for my point here, and Zoe from Firefly. I love both of these characters, and while Mystique may titillate with her blue nudity, it is the attitude of both that is the key. Neither are really a good fit for my current story, and to be fair, they have already been done, but maybe a little bit of both might creep in somewhere.

So, anyone got any good Sci-Fi characters, male or female, that aren’t white? I know they are out there, but who is doing them justice?


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