This Sci-Fi Explosion: Everything Explodes

If you are thinking about nonlinear equations, drag coefficients, or the thermal mass of your planet/satellite/thing when you want to launch a tonne of ice-cream into a low orbiting space circus, then you are no longer writing fiction. What you should be thinking about is the basics, the meta science, what is important to consider. The actual gravity on your planet is irrelevant … mostly/sometimes. Ice cream is always important, clowns less so.


So, it doesn’t matter if you want to bring down a flying city with exploding pigs, or stop a 4000km/h (mph … whatever) vac-train with an elephant and a rubber band. All you need to remember is that everything explodes. Always! You’re the boss. You’re the author!

Quite often, when writing, we want a disaster, a challenge, something that makes everything go wrong… wrong enough, at least, so that we have something to write about in the next chapter. Obviously. And, well simply, because we can. It has to be believable, but it doesn’t have to respect the currently accepted laws of Nature… So, how can we find the middle ground?

If there is one thing I know about, it is how things can go wrong. Amongst other things in my life, I have been a furniture restorer, car restorer, motor mechanic, physicist, parent, teacher and student (always a student). I know how to pull things apart, watch them fall apart, and sometimes even put them back together. So, as a way of paying something forward, I am going to share my thoughts on what to think about when everything absolutely has to go wrong.

Ok, so this is just another teaser post. But they are coming. If your current disaster is just not big enough, let me know and we’ll see if we can make it more epic than than assassinating the alien republic’s emissary with some super glue, a small furry animal and a puncture repair kit.

PS: Contrary to what I just wrote, I have nothing against animals.

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Harry Tuttle, part enigma, part machine, mostly confused and trapped in modern life. I think. I read. I write. Science Facts to Science Fiction and Beyond.
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