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The Beauty AND the Ugly

This is a theme that has been with me for some time. I think that it may have taken this form from some lyrics in a song from the 60s band Love – unfortunately, my vinyl is unsearchable at the moment, so … Continue reading

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A Thousand words down!

The title really says it all. The whole composting process went well over the holidays, but then it has taken a while to get the rhythm flowing now the real world is getting in the way. Today, after going backwards … Continue reading

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Composting Snowflakes and the 8-point arc

Not sure where I saw the term, but I like it. And so it is, that I have been composting the ideas, the twists and turns, how things work, and don’t. I have been playing with various strategies for structuring … Continue reading

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To end 2013

So it progresses. Slowly. It is amazing how much of my day is wasted on waiting to do things for other people. I have a fairly clear idea of three main characters and how it should come together, but all … Continue reading

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And so it begins

It has been a couple of days, but I finally came out and admitted that I was going to write. I started scratching out ideas for this book on the 22nd of December 2013. Already I have had some rather … Continue reading

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Destroying Planets for Profit

So you want to make your fortune as a galactic mining magnate? Roll up to a new planet, send ships down to the surface, rip the shit out of it and bring the good stuff back. Sounds great, but it … Continue reading

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This Sci-Fi Explosion: Everything Explodes

If you are thinking about nonlinear equations, drag coefficients, or the thermal mass of your planet/satellite/thing when you want to launch a tonne of ice-cream into a low orbiting space circus, then you are no longer writing fiction. What you should … Continue reading

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